Up in the morning, until late in the evening, our mentors were next to the start-ups, during the Beta Bootcamp.

So, let’s make a short wrap-up.

First, there was coffee and some goodies. Then, on stage came Patrick Gates,  Director of Business Development EEMA at Technology Investment & Development, and he told us about business development & sales, in a blunt, but yet positive way.

Afterwards, we had an invigorating break where we infused on coffee and sweets, and then we returned in the company of Cristian Orășanu, the Strategy Director of Techcelerator. Here, he invited startups to pitch, but this time with no slides. After, they received feedback from the mentors, team and audience.

When all startups finished pitching, they had gatherings where they exchanged ideas with the team and the GapMinder Venture Partners.

After we had some of the questions answered, we returned to attend a talk held by Dan Mihăescu, Managing Partner at GapMinder Venture Partners and Bogdan Herea, CEO at PitechPlus, where they discussed funding options and how to make sure you are ready for the next seed investment.

Then, we had one more stretching break and we returned to have the last talk, where Matei Dumitrescu, Vice President of Techangels Romania talked about Revenue Models by pinpointing to each startup ways they could earn more.

Of course, we had to mingle a bit afterwaafterwarde did. All in all, we can say that Beta Bootcamp was a blast! We want to thank our mentors and startups for joining us and of course, to OK Center for hosting us! See you next time!