On May 23rd, we start the second Bootcamp for the selected startups – the Beta Bootcamp. Here, they will have the chance to take part in new training sessions, on various topics, under the keen eye of our reputed mentors.

These being said, let’s see what have our mentors in plan for this edition.

We start in the morning with Patrick Gates, Director of Business Development EEMA at Technology Investment & Development, LLC who will share his in-depth knowledge of Business Development & Sales.

Afterward, we take a short invigorating break, we continue with Cristian Orășanu, the Strategy Director of Techcelerator who will talk about Pitching – Act 1.

In the second part of the day, we will have on stage Bogdan Herea, CEO at Pitech Plus & Dan Mihăescu, Partner at GapMinder Venture Partners, who both will share a bit of light with their cool talk on Get Ready for the next investment round.

After another stretching break, we return with the last speaker, but not the least, Matei Dumitrescu, Vice President at Tech Angels, who will talk about one of the most desired topics: Revenue Models.

And then, of course, we will socialize or how we like to say it – mingle.

This event, just like the previous bootcamp is not open to the public. Though, we will keep you posted with useful  insights for the entire community on our Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram accounts!