From the first hours of the morning until late in the evening, we could hear the wonder of our 14 startups that reached this stage of Techcelerator. Their sharp wits and the flood of questions they addressed to our mentors, had reminded us why Techcelerator was born – to help these talents grow.

We started early, at 9 a.m at La Firul Ierbii, with a session of meet and greet and of course, coffee – when it comes to infusing so much knowledge, the dark-brown liquor is indispensable. After the sleepy eyes were substituted by curious ones, the Alpha Bootcamp had officially begun.

First, on stage was Cristian Orășanu, the Strategy Director of Techcelerator, who shared some of his energy with the crowd, talking about Product Development and their do’s and don’ts. Followed by a short but well-deserved coffee break, Vlad Ionescu, the Online Marketing Manager of UiPath, the first Romanian Unicorn shared with us some insights he and his team have used to conquer the online world.

Afterward, after two sessions of intense feasting on knowledge, the startups went to feast on, finally, edible items, at GastroPub. Subsequent to the lunch break, we returned to La Firul Ierbii, where Elena Cârstoiu, Co-Founder at Hubgets and COO at 4PSA told us about go-to-market, or as she liked to say: the beachhead market for your company.  

Coming as an add-on, Ana-Maria Udriște, Co-Founder & Lawyer at Avocatoo, talked about Legal Hotspot – how can you protect your idea and what can you trademark.

Two intense talks later, we find ourselves in the last coffee break, where startups play a constant ping-pong of ideas between themselves and with the mentors.

Closing on a high note, was Cosmin Ochișor, the newest Partner of GapMinder Venture Partners, who talked about Techclerator’s Termsheets and also held a Q&A session.

It’s needless to say we strongly believe Alpha Bootcamp was a blast! The present startups vore on the answers of mentors, asking them about several details, be them small or important. We are proud to see how passionate they all were – both startups and mentors, and we are looking forward to see seeingm at the next bootcamp!