Tomorrow at dawn we embark on a new journey – the Techelerator Alpha Bootcamp. Here, the selected 14 startups chosen by our jury to finalize the investment process with, will take part in new training sessions, held by our prolific mentors.

In the morning, Cristian Orășanu – the Strategy Director of Techcelerator will train our startups on Product Development and how to take a prototype to a scale-up.

After taking a short break to enjoy a “stay-up coffee”, Vlad Ionescu, Online Marketing Manager at UiPath tells us about Growth Hacking from the perspective of the first Romanian Unicorn.

Next, after our startups had feasted on edible items not only on knowledge, Elena Cârstoiu, co-founder of Hubgets and COO of 4PSA will talk about Go-to-Market, do’s & don’ts.

Talking about Legal Hotspot, comes Ana-Maria Udriște, Co-Founder & Lawyer at Avocatoo, who will carry our startups into the world of copyrights and other legal items.

Afterward, comes Cosmin Ochișor, Partner at GapMinder Venture Partners, who will talk about TermSheet and will have an open session of QA.

And then, we end the day on a high note with GapMinder and Investment Talks.

Unfortunately, the bootcamp is closed to the public, but we will keep you posted with insights on our Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram accounts!